Our Core Services


Our core services include:

  • Wills & Estate Planning
  • Probate Administration of Estates
  • Property (Purchase & Sale) & Subdivision
  • Mortgages & Securities
  • Business (Purchase & Sale) & Commercial Agreements
  • Powers Of Attorney

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Wills & Estate Planning
Protect your assets by providing for your heirs in the most tax effective and secure manner.  Eliminate doubt about how you want to leave your affairs

Probate Administration
When a person dies, whether with or without a will, we can arrange for all legal aspects of the disposal of the assets to the legal heirs & beneficiaries.

Property (Purchase & Sale) & Subdivision

We provide a full service for the preparation of contracts & documents for private sales & auctions. 
We also look after purchases from pre-vetting contracts to settlement

We compliment this service with a specialised subdivision service.  Where you want to subdivide your property we can prepare the legal documents to register the subdivision.

Mortgages & Securities

We can provide legal documentation to secure loans against the security of property or company assets. 
We also assist where you are borrowing money, by arranging for signing of documents prepared by banks & lending institutions & discharging existing loans.


Business (Purchase & Sale) & Commercial Agreements

We handle all legal aspects of the sale & purchase of businesses & business properties.We also possess the expertise to prepare agreements to provide whatever legal services you require such as employment agreements, trusts, loan agreements & guarantees.

Powers Of Attorney
You may appoint someone to act on your own behalf in your absence or if you are no longer able to look after yourself.  You can also give a medical power and power of guardianship.

We also offer the following as a convenience to our clientele:

  • Fees fully explained in advance
  • Accessibility to our Solicitors
  • An assessment of the best chances of achieving your requirements in the most cost-effective manner

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